We provide prompt services with the aim to give you exactly what you want. Our goal is to offer the best value to our customers that are second to none and we are proud to enjoy this repute. A number of suppliers are on our list to make the right choice for your products according to the product nature. All our suppliers are system driven and meet universally accepted compliance standards.

Product Development

We deal regular transactions through our Merchandisers to keep the regular sales on the way with the help and co-ordination of Quality Assurance Staff who make the frequent visits to the mills at every stage of the production and insure the error free products.Our Concept and Development Department is always at your disposal with the trained professionals to help you if you get stuck.
Our services comprises of selection of the vendor based on production capacity, financial strengths, technology orientation, man power, working conditions, managerial efficiency and the overall quality policy. We negotiate prices with the manufacturers keeping in view product nature, quality standards, packaging standards and especially ultimate consumers buying capacity.
Sampling and product development is a basic and key feature to make the business transactions error free on later stage and for this our trained staff co-ordinates with suppliers and monitor to get the required workmanship.

Order Monitoring & Shipment

We always keep in touch with the suppliers for the follow-up and execution of the placed orders so that we can keep updated our clients at every stage of the production and for this we always send Order Status Reports on weekly basis till the cargo movement and mature the payments.